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Booking Information

Please carefully read the information below before booking to ensure you have all the details we require to confirm your booking.

Reservations book up early and you usually need to book well in advance to reserve the time you want.

  • To confirm your booking we must receive full pre-payment in advance via the booking form.
  • We can only refund rides cancelled up to 7 days prior to your reservation. After this time, you can re-schedule, if we have availability.
  • Your contact details are required if we have to query something with you, or have difficulty finding you at your hotel.
  • In consideration for all our clients, we can only wait up to 10 minutes after the scheduled pick up time.  After this time, we will be unable to make the transfer and unfortunately cannot refund the payment. 

When riding with us:

  • We provide riding helmets and saddlebags for your small personal items and a bottle of water free of charge.  In consideration for the environment, if you’re able to bring your own refillable water bottle we will fill it for you on arrival.
  • You must inform us of any illness, previous injury or disability that may affect your riding ability.
  • You will be required to sign a waiver of liability form prior to getting on a horse.
  • Although we take all reasonable precautions for your safety, you must accept that riding horses is a risk sport.
  • The weight limit for riders is 220lb/100kg
  • The minimum age limit is 8 years.
  • We request your experience level in our booking form, please quote one of the levels below:

Beginner – You’ve never been on a horse before or have had a few lessons. You may have trotted and may have hacked out at walking pace.

Novice – You’ve mastered the basic skills in all paces and can mount and dismount unaided. You’re confident on a well-schooled horse in walk, rising trot, and for short periods of canter.

Intermediate – You’re a secure and confident rider on a well-schooled horse at all paces including a fast canter in open country. You’re happy to ride for several hours and may have some jumping experience.

Advanced – You’re an experienced rider, confident and relaxed on horseback. You ride regularly and have an independent seat and soft hands. You’re capable of handling a spirited horse at canter in open country and are happy to jump. You may have owned or shared your own horse and have experience of riding a variety of horses.

Argy's Art
Mykonos Horseland is proud to have been purchasing beautiful, durable and practical horse tackle from Argy's Art since their inception in 1985. To find out more about this family owned Greek company click on their logo.
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